Java classes

I, Randolf Richardson of Beautiful British Columbia, Canada, developed many Java classes over the years, and I've decided to release some for free.  Except where noted, all these classes are written in 100% pure Java in the spirit of cross-platform compatibility, one of the main ideals that originally inspired my interest in Java programming.

Java class documentation
Most of these classes are either experimental or are not yet finished.  Once ready for production use, they will be released here (below), usually as free downloads.  Although the possibility of charging for some code has not been ruled out, once a class has been released for free the intention is to keep it that way for all future versions.

If a class that hasn't been released for download is of interest to you, please feel free to contact me at for an estimated time of completion.  I'm also interested in suggestions for methods and/or classes that would be helpful to you (although I'm more than happy to at least attempt to make such methods/classes available for free, please understand that priority goes to my paying clients and so I can't "promise" the expected time of completion for the free projects will be anything more than an "estimate").

Java class documentation (to be released)
These are the newer versions of these classes, which have not been released yet because they are still undergoing extensive testing.  You're welcome to contact me at if you have any questions or comments regarding these Java classes.  For now, this documentation merely serves as a "sneak preview" pending the official release of all this code.

In particular, the most interesting classes are probably com.internationalnetwork.util.conf.* (which reads Apache HTTPd-style configuration files and hosts a highly flexible feature-rich hierarchy-aware rule-definition system), (which can listen to multiple sockets, on a variety of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, on varying ports, efficiently without needing to allocate an additional thread for each listener -- the sockets are truly multiplexed in this class), and (which, by way of the JScreen class, provides a full-featured text-mode interface for Java, right down to supporting the blinking text attribute and a rapid flashing cursor, but with some very useful enhancements that take text mode to the next level of its evolution which has remained stagnant for many years now).


Example Java code

Example source code for public consumption is also available for free (follow this link), and may be of particular interest to those who are learning Java.


Downloads (ready for production use)

Although the following Java classes are made available for free, they are not open source.  Those who choose to publicize their source code and/or provide their software for free, are contributing positively to the long term future of computing.  My choice to provide some of my software for free is with the best intentions for the future of computing, while my choice to keep my source code private is unlikely to change.

com.internationalnetwork.util.StringParser v1.07
The atomize() method parses strings in what I was able to determine to be the same manner in which the Java Virtual Machine parses command line arguments.  Supports \" and \\ escape character sequences, logically groups quoted strings as single arguments, and returns a neatly trimmed String[] array.

Other methods, such as isInternetName(), isIPAddress(), join(), splitPairs(), transmute...(), and x(), have been added to this static class that simplifies various routine tasks.  Please take a moment to glance at the documentation for more information.