Package com.internationalnetwork.gui

Class Summary
CustomCalendar Provides an easy to use calendar GUI.
GridBag<Type extends Container> This class provides a series of convenience methods that help to simplify the GridBagLayout classes.  A set of simple keywords are supported so that all the constraints can be provided in a simple one-step method call (and some HTML-table-like aliases are also provided for additional convenience).
Help The Help class provides a fancy, easy-to-use, blocking dialogue that displays context-specific and general electronic documentation, complete with a basic search feature.
JErrorMessage The JErrorMessage class provides a fancy, easy-to-use, blocking dialogue that displays an error message for the user, with a few simple choices that are defined by the developer.  There is also an option to send the error details to STDERR at the same time.
JListener The JListener class makes it really easy to capture mouse, keyboard, and window events for any number of components.  Instead of developing a class that implements the ActionListener, KeyListener, MouseListener, and WindowListener, the developer can simply add this class as the listener, and then wait in a blocked fashion for an event to occur.
JListenerEvent The JListenerEvent class stores one of four different types of events, which do not all belong to the same superclass (but it sure would have been handy if they were because then we wouldn't have needed to create this class).
JTextFieldLimit The JTextFieldLimit class is used to restrict the maximum length of user input from the JTextField and JPasswordField methods in JFC/Swing.
Login The Login class provides a fancy, easy-to-use, blocking dialogue that prompts the user for a Login name and Password.