Package com.internationalnetwork.lang

Interface Summary
ReRunnable The ReRunnable interface should be implemented by any class whose instances are intended to be executed (and re-executed) by a DynamicThread dispatched by DynamicThreadPool.  The class must define two parameterless methods:

Class Summary
DynamicThread<Target extends Runnable> A DynamicThread is the Object returned by DynamicThreadPool.dispatch().
DynamicThreadPool<Target extends Runnable> Creates a thread pool that can have either a static number of threads, or a dynamically changing number of threads depending on various policies as set by the caller.
Nybble Instances of class Nybble represent primitive byte values because this is the smallest primitive available that can accomodate a nybble.
VeryLong Instances of class VeryLong represent non-existent primitive 128-bit verylong values by using a 16-byte primitive byte[] array.  The BigInteger class is used internally to provide functions but without exceeding the boundaries of a signed 128-bit value.