Class Rot13point5

  extended by

public class Rot13point5
extends Object

This is a variation of the ROT-13 class which also rotates decimal digits by 5 positions in a circular fashion within the confines of the decimal numbering system. Randolf Richardson created this variation, and names it ROT-13.5 (some might also whimsically name it EBG-13.5). This variation is a minor enhancement that improves the obscurity of transformed information only slightly, and when decimal digits are included in the data.

This class provides a static method that transforms data using the ROT-13.5 (also possibly known as EBG-13.5) alphabetic and numeric digit rotation technique, typically used for the purpose of disguising information where strong encryption isn't required but some simple obfuscation is useful.

ROT13 (or EBG13) is an interesting case-insensitive symmetric obfuscation technique that rotates letters by circularly shifting them 13 positions within the confines of the English alphabet, while leaving all other characters unchanged. Where most messages are written using letters from the English alphabet, this method provides a useful disguise.

Field Summary
static String VERSION
          Version number of this Package (read-only).
Method Summary
static String transform(String message)
          Transforms a message using the ROT13.5 algorithm.
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public static final String VERSION
Version number of this Package (read-only).

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Method Detail


public static String transform(String message)
Transforms a message using the ROT13.5 algorithm.

message - The string to transform
Transformed string